You might assume that a company called Tees for Change isn’t promoting 35-cent garments, but some kind of social progress. And indeed you’d be right. This company, run by mom Andreea Ayers aiming to get more positive messages out in the world with their organic onesies and tees for both kids and adults. (Well, the tees are for both. The onesies are just for the kids.)

Andrea is definitely living her values through her company–for every tee you buy, a tree is planted via Trees for the Future.

It’s the baby collection we’re liking best on the site, featuring nicely designed mantras like dream big and play often. With so many 6mo tees proclaiming future career aspirations, it’s kind of nice to see some that aren’t rushing those babies into full-fledged, tax-paying, job-hating adulthood so fast. –Liz

Congratulations to Play Often onesie winner, Vanessa C!