Booda Brand kids t-shirt: CourageI realize you might be getting tired of kids’ message t-shirts just as much as I am. With a selection ranging from store logos (eh) or ridiculous sayings such as Looking for my prince charming (ugh) I’m glad to find waaaaaay better options, like the kids’ tees from Booda Brand.

These decidedly different t-shirts for toddlers and pre-schoolers feature bold artwork and simple statements like peace, imagine, courage or love on soft, tagless tees, all of which are completely gender neutral (whoo!). The back of each cotton/lycra blend shirt reads I will make a difference, in subtle, small type. Booda’s clothes get the message across without making your kid a billboard.

Best of all, with every sale, Booda Brand will gift a book through Room to Read, an awesome organization that helps educate children worldwide. So maybe they can grow up to write clever t-shirt slogans too. -Kristen

You’ll find a ton of awesome kids’ t shirts at Booda Brand.