The Independent Child sleep training
What I remember most about the early days was that the money I spent on batteries for the swing could have easily funded a semester in private college. Because my baby didn’t sleep unless he was in motion. For months.

Know what I needed? Someone who knew how to help me help him sleep in his crib. So hooray for child expert and sleep guru Katie Smith of The Independent Child. She’ll conduct in-home sessions in LA county, but will also work with parents anywhere in the world via telephone, as well.

This isn’t about CIO versus non CIO; it’s more like helping you figure out what’s going on at home, what the environment is like, how your child’s diet is, and how to make it all as conducive as possible to beautiful sleep.

Best yet, it’s not just for babies — Katie will help you figure out what’s up with your toddler who won’t get out of your bed or your five year old who needs a six hour ritual just to get into his. She even offers a prenatal consultation for expectant parents. What an awesome shower gift that would be. -Mir

Learn more about Katie’s philosophy and sleep consultation services at The Independent Child and mention Cool Mom Picks for 10% off in-house or phone consultations.


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