uv skinz sun protection swimwear
I’ll do whatever it takes to help my kids avoid the pain of a sunburn– and avoid me having to listen to them whine about it– but even so, sometimes I forget to reapply sunscreen or miss a spot. My bad.

UV Skinz sun protection swimwear is a great insurance policy against those burns that happen in spite of parental vigilance.  No chemicals, no lotions, just tightly woven material that blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays. Plus some of the designs are really cute and comfortable, with their children’s swimwear making use of that layered look that’s so in now and using surf-inspired patterns like tie-dyes and Hawaiian prints. (Although admittedly we prefer the ones that don’t have the humongous logo right across the chest.) The Aloha boy short combos for little girls are adorable.

The line was created by mom Rhonda Sparks, inspired by the untimely loss of her young husband to skin cancer in 2001, so you know her commitment to making the most effective possible clothing is authentic.

My kids’ enthusiasm for the swimwear is pretty authentic too–my daughters actually prefer wearing their UV Skinz, even in the indoor pool. Can’t say that about sunscreen. -Julie

Find great sun protectant children’s swimwear at UV Skinz

Congratulations to Jill R, winner of a UV Skinz swim shirt!

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