Just Do One little thing to help the environmentLast year my son noticed that snack time at school meant 20 plastic cups thrown away every day. He suggested recycling bins for all the classrooms and made a poster encouraging other kids to go green. (I’m so proud!) That kind of hands on approach is just the kind of thing that Just Do One is all about.

Just Do One is an online community whose message is simple: Doing just one little thing, like using reusable canvas bags at the store, or turning off the lights when you leave the room, can make a very big difference to the environment.

We just got word that they’re sponsoring a video contest where you can inspire others with your own simple green ideas for making the world a more liveable place and maybe even win $5000. Just enter by April 1, so go put that iPhone to good use.

Even if you don’t win, your kids will love their 15 minutes of fame as YouTube cyber stars. And you’ll get to play the beaming mom of a future environmental crusader. Trust me, it’s a nice feeling. -Betsy

For full details about the $5000 video contest visit JustDoOne,org