Hand knit baby rattles - sushi
Babies these days have expensive taste. They’ve got designer shoes
before they can walk in them and name brand clothes before they’re able to put them on themselves. But while they might not be quite off the boob and onto unagi  just yet, you can start priming them with these sushi rattles by Yellow Label Kids.

These hilarious hand knit toys found at DC-based shop Cattiwampus are perfect for the infant foodie or the baby with
cultured tastebuds. The two rolls and two sushi are created by world artisans using fair trade practices, I love that fit perfectly into a baby’s little hand – no chopsticks required. -Kristen

Use code CMP15 for 15% off your order.

Congratulations to Kelly B, lucky winner of these handknit rattles from Cattiwampus!

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