Buisjes en Beugels girls' tunic dress
I admit to having a bit of euro envy these days, especially after seeing how many cute things are happening with children’s clothes across the Atlantic. Our Dutch friend Kellie Smits at Buisjes en Beugels, or BB+++,  isn’t helping matters much with her new spring/summer kids’ line that features easy, wearable, but still striking pieces for girls and boys.

If I had a little dude around I’d have him in this funky “earthquake” shirt (shown below) in two seconds. But since I’ve got two girls to clothe, I have to go with the cotton jersey Conny dress or the cool Louise tunic dress (at left) with its asymmetrical shape and deep pockets that girls can stuff with all their found treasures.

Buisjes en Beugels boys' shirt
If the prices are a bit out of range, don’t miss their outlet and sample sale section. There’s stuff in there I’d buy in my size if they had it. –Liz

Find beautiful European children’s clothing from Buisjes en Beugels at the Buisjes en Beugels online store, or in North America from Canada’s Trendy Tot


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