Kids' suite at Omni HotelsMy girls have reached the age where they’d prefer not to share a hotel room with us when traveling — and to be honest, we’d prefer not to share with them either. So when we heard about the family friendly Omni Kids Suites available on a recent trip to Los Angeles, we couldn’t wait to try it out.

When we registered, the kids received backpacks filled with cool toys — although I could have lived without the kazoos. The suite was furnished with Pottery Barn Kids’ finest and  the girls immediately settled into the bunk beds and bean bags with classic kids’ books from their own bookshelf while my son busied himself with wicker baskets filled with wooden blocks. Even the bath was stocked with tub toys.

On the other side of the (surprisingly soundproof) wall was a spacious
room for us adults, with probably the most luxurious hotel bed I’ve
slept in.

Playing with kids' toys in the Omni Kids' SuiteI was really touched by how Omni truly does cater to traveling families even beyond the amenities. No matter what corners of the hotel our rambunctious bunch invaded, we were always met with welcoming smiles and pleasant greetings by the staff. And that means a whole lot to a mom who kinds of misses the days that staying in a hotel meant bottles of champagne at the bar and breakfast that started at 11.  -Julie

Check out Omni Hotels online, for family friendly travel with Kids Suites in LA, San Francisco, San Antonio and Houston