Before I had a boy in the house I used to hear all about how hard it is to find cool clothes for boys — unless you are into tees that say “tough guy.”  Now that I’m experiencing this firsthand, I was delighted to find Winter Water Factory doesn’t just make girls dresses, but they have a whole graphic tee collection great for my son.

I’m loving the fire truck tee and ferris wheel tee, but the one that really grabbed me is the fireflies t-shirt (shown). In an instant this shirt brought me back to catching fireflies in a jar in the summer time. So much so that I began to bore my husband with childhood memories until he begged for mercy. 

Keep this company on your radar over the coming months. I have gotten a sneak peek at their fall 2009 collection and it’s not to be missed. -Carrie

Find cool kids’ t-shirts from Winter Water Factory online at Fiddlesticks, The Pajama Squid, and Black Wagon


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