PopTags wine tags - giftwrap for wine bottles
My wine snob sigOth has gently pointed out to me that it’s tacky to give wine in those mylar wine sleeves they have at the liquor store. Who knew? But when I showed him the absolutely wonderful PopTags wine tags, he smiled and said, “Now that’s cool.”

So with a zillion party and summer weekend invitations (we hope) just around the corner, I’m stocking up. Clever and often hilarious messages are beautifully letterpressed on recycled paper, like The wine store guy said this was good. Or The wine could be terrible but the label is so pretty!  PopTags will also do custom wine tag orders which is great if you’re planning a corporate shindig or hooking up a lot of wedding guests in their hotel rooms.

The tags are a little pricey at 3 for $9.95. But the truth is, with presentation like this, you could spend half as much on the booze and still make a great impression. –Liz

Dress up your own wine bottles with recycled paper letterpress gift tags from PopTags.


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