Pete Townsend for the Guitar String Bracelet Charity ProjectLet’s be honest, you get to a certain age and concert tees sort of lose their appeal (or should). But if you’ve got an inner groupie hiding in there somewhere, you are so going to love the Guitar String Bracelet Charity Project from Wear Your Music.

The actual guitar strings from acts from Eric Clapton to Bonnie Raitt to Slash to Tenacious D (dude!) are repurposed into cool bracelets with 100% of the profits going to the musician’s pet charity. The customizable bracelets can be as subtle or as blingy-bling as you want, when you personalize them with recycled sterling clasps, precious gem accents and custom engraving. Or just keep it simple, which would be my preference.

Recycled guitar string braceletsPrices seem to start around $100 – obviously you pay less for Rivers Cuomo of Weezer than you do for Pete Townshend or Keith Richards. And they come nicely packaged in a recycled CD case. making it an awesome gift. Maybe for your rock n roll sigOth for Father’s Day?

It’s totally fun going through the site and seeing which musicians have signed on. Although of course you do feel a little bad going through some of the bios and thinking…who? Or maybe I’m just old. –Liz

Find the wonderful Guitar String Bracelet Charity Project online at