I personally think that most teachers deserve a sports car and a month in Hawaii as an end-of-year gift, but know that many would just like to hear a heartfelt thank you as the kids scramble out the door for the last time. You might also add a box of the deliciously unique Khaya Cookies to make the beginning of summer break even sweeter.

My favorites are the three shortbread flavors like Cranberry Rooibos and Grapeseed which are rich, buttery and crisp but not so sweet that my kids will snarf down the whole box. Khaya cookies have no preservatives or trans-fats (which can help justify the purchase) plus a serving size of the little bite-sized shortbread treats is a whopping 13 pieces! That means there is even enough for your favorite teacher to share in the break room with envious colleagues.

I was also touched to learn that the South African-based company does more than just make delicious handmade cookies, but works to change the lives of those living in the township of Mbkwen through job training and support of local growers.

As the teacher to my own kids, let me assure you that this teacher’s gift would all go over way better for me than a #1 teacher mug.  –Christina


You can find Khaya Cookies through KhayaCookies.com or buy in bulk from our affiliate Amazon. You may also want to enter their Quest for Capetown sweepstakes and enter to win a chance at a 10-day South African trip for two.