Whenever I bake with the brood, I am reminded that juggling three kids, a recipe and a big container of flour can end up being not a whole lot of fun. But when I had the chance to try out Zebra Mix’s Decorate & Dazzle All Natural Cupcake Kit for kids, I gathered us all into the kitchen to give it a go.

The cupcake and frosting mix are mostly organic (good enough) and it comes with all-natural decorating sugars, flag toppers and colorful cupcake liners. There’s also a vivid safari “baking map” to spread out that keeps the kids entertained with activities while they wait their turn at the batter bowl. All you provide are the fresh ingredients and the stirring power of eager children, which makes it a fun rainy day activity or gift for the new neighbors.

So how’d the cupcakes come out? My four-year-old guy tugged at my sleeve and said, “I have a secret for you.” Putting his frosting mouth against my ear he whispered, “This is my best cupcakes ever.” –Christina

You’ll find Zebra Mix’s Decorate & Dazzle Cupcake Kit at Fat Brain Toys. We are also fans of  Zebra Mix‘s all natural chocolate chip cookie and brownie bite baking mixes.