hand knit baby booties
If there’s anything that can give my retired uterus a few pangs, it’s a pair of adorable hand knit baby booties, like the new ones from CMP fave Tiny Sprouts.

Known for their sweetly embroidered personalized baby blankets and baby clothes, they’ve added these teeny tiny baby shoes to their shop, all of which are hand dyed in vibrant shads of pink, blue or green, and made from super soft cotton. The smaller foot openings and criss-cross straps ensure that these booties actually stay on your baby’s feet — what a miracle! And considering how much time I spent pulling up and retrieving baby socks, I find these an extremely welcome alternative. -Kristen

Visit Tiny Sprouts to view their amazing collection of hand-embroidered baby gifts including the new baby booties,

Congratulations to Amanda S., winner of the green baby booties from Tiny Sprouts!

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