Cleanup SoapThe first thing that struck me when I saw Cleanup Soap was how cool the shape was – graphic, and symmetrical and…wait a minute. Is that a…land mine?

Indeed, these naturally scented, paraben-free soaps were created by Parsons design student Hideaki Matsui both to raise awareness of land mine clean up, and to support it directly, since 25% of the purchase price (or what’s probably 50% of the profits) go right towards landmine removal and survivor assistance in Cambodia

While this isn’t the charitable effort that gets the most press or seems the sexiest, I know first-hand what it’s like to sit down on a beautiful expanse of grass for a picnic in a formerly war-torn country, then be told to make sure the children don’t run around by themselves because there are mines beyond the trees. Scary scary stuff. Especially now that I’m a mom. So I am more than happy to support this effort – even while my guests will only think I have some cool looking rosemary-mint soap on the bathroom sink. –Liz

Visit Cleanup Soap to help support land mine removal in Cambodia