Plum Organics Mish Mash Berry
I may be little late on the drinkable/pureed/food in a pouch thing, but I think I am like most moms in that I’m left scratching my head and staring at the pantry when trying to think of what to give my toddler as a healthy, delicious snack. And frankly, I’m usually looking for something that means that I don’t have to chop, spread, or clean a bowl afterward.

Which is why I am happy to have found Plum Organics Mish Mash organic fruit puree snacks. They have no added sugar, colors, or flavors, and are super yummy. The strawberry one tastes a lot like my favorite old school fruit rollups, but without the bits that get stuck in your teeth. And the pouch gets extra points for being no mess and easy to serve up.

Their Fruity Fingerfuls are a hit, too with whole grain puffs and dried fruit. We dole these out to my son a few at a time to regulate his intake; otherwise the mouth-stuffing gets a little out of control.

So, my kids like them, and they are obliterate any guilt I would otherwise have over serving sugary snacks. And now that I understand the whole appeal of the pouch, I think I’ll be creating a Plum Organics stash in my house. -Carrie

Find Plum Organics organic snacks and foods online through affiliate Amazon, or at stores like Whole Foods, Target, and Publix.

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