The Wizard of Oz One of my favorite aspects of parenting has to be watching my favorite classic movies with my kids for the first time just like I did with my parents. Except we saw them on the big screen back then. And no, I’m not talking about a gihugic plasma.

But for one night at select movie theaters across the country, you can actually catch The Wizard of Oz in HD to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Just the thought of hearing Over the Rainbow in surround sound gives me the chills, but after the main feature there will also be never before seen interviews with Ray Bolger, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of the greatest movies ever.

Check for your local participating theaters and mark your calendars for September 23. And yeah, we know, it’s a school night. But the Lollipop Guild? The gay gatekeeper? The flying monkeys, all on the big screen? We think it’s totally worth it. -Kristen

Check to see where The Wizard of Oz 70h Anniversary Hi-Def Event is playing near you.