I can’t wait to show you what I’ve found for this week’s Etsy roundup. Baby shoes! Ok, you might not be as excited as I am, but when all your kids are big and sweaty and teens that smell like Axe, I’ll ask you again and then you’ll squee.

This felt pair of shoes from La La! Shoes looks so comfortable and fun. Put little stars under their feet! Plus, the bright colors will catch your baby’s attention.

Recycled lambswool baby boots from Wooly Baby

These little brown and cream baby boots from Wooly Baby? They’re made from recycled lambswool sweaters and are no doubt able to keep your baby’s little piggies toasty during winter.
Pink crochet baby booties from Catherine Audoyer

think I should stop right here and confess that my daughter had about
23 pairs of shoes when she was an infant. She learned early that having
the right shoes was vital to any outfit and these hand crocheted little pink wonders from Catherine Audoyer remind me of some of my little shoe-lover-in-training’s had to have pairs back when she was tiny.

Soft leather baby shoes with owls by Bugaloo
Owls are in right now and when I saw these pale blue, buttery leather baby shoes from Bugaloo, I actually cooed out loud.

Baby ballet flats with rose detail from Sugar Plum Tree

Tiny pearls in tiny folds of flower petals on tiny baby ballet flats with a tiny, lacy elastic? Gaah. Enough said. Thank you, Sugar Plum Tree. I think I just heard the rusty gears of my ovaries chung on.

Red devil baby booties from Baby Grin on Etsy

I love things with a sense of humor like these tiny devil baby booties from Baby Grin.
They could be perfect for a Halloween costume, but you might need to
put them on your baby almost every day just so you can look at that teeny,
tiny tail.  –Leah

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