Dr. Lara Zibner's If Your Kids Eats This BookTo say that I was a neurotic mess with my first baby would be an understatement; every sniffle and bruise had me wondering if I’d broken her. By the second baby, I figured I was an old hand . . . except that he was convinced he could fly and often howled for seemingly no reason. If only pediatrician Dr. Lara Zibners’ If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay had been available to me back then! I probably would’ve saved myself from a lot of angst.

With a background in pediatric emergency medicine, Dr. Zibners has the medical know-how to dish the straight scoop, but the humorous understanding of how parents worry — meaning she cracks jokes right and left. On children’s cold medicines: They don’t work, so how about instead, you just put ten beans in your pocket and throw one away every day . . . by the time your pocket’s empty, the cold’s gone! But it’s never done in a way that makes you feel like she thinks you’re dumb.

You’re worried, and Dr. Zibner is going to reassure you that kids are resilient, while making sure you know what truly constitutes a serious medical concern.

This is a “caring for your baby” book that’s informative, entertaining, and doesn’t leave you feeling like an idiot. Add this one to the baby shower gift list, stat. -Mir

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