Mix & Mash baby food cookbook and DVDI confess; I made my own baby food. But just so we’re clear, I was less a domestic goddess and more a garden-variety control freak. I spent late nights cooking and chopping and freezing, and honestly, I took no joy in it whatsoever. Boring.

But that’s only because my kids were babies back in the Pleistocene Era, and eebee’s Mix&Mash Adventures didn’t yet exist. Babies six months and up will enjoy the board book (and accompanying DVD) which features lots of brightly-colored photos of fellow babies, having fun with a baby-sized puppet named eebee. But they can also do most of the work in the simple, nutritious homemade baby food recipes all told in rhyme, that accompany every picture. Really.

You cut the sweet potatoes, let baby drop them into a container. You cover it, she shakes it up. You bake, she eats. It’s a parent-and-baby culinary feast, and suddenly, cooking is actually fun again. -Mir

eebee’s Mix&Mash Adventures is due for November release, and can be pre-ordered from our affiliate, Amazon or at Barnes & Noble starting Nov 1. Plus see Cool Mom Picks’ previous love and admiration for the original eebee’s adventures DVDs here.

Congratulations to Erin H., lucky winner of a full set of the eebee’s adventures DVDs plus the new Mix & Mash Adventures book!