designer Cookie Monster tee
I admit that my daughter had one licensed Sesame Street shirt she got as a gift. I cringed every time she asked to wear it, not because I don’t like Sesame Street (who doesn’t like Sesame Street?) but because this one looked like it was designed by a blind monkey who had gotten a hold of Photoshop and some muppet clip art.

 In any case, I’m way more partial to the handmade Cookie Monster shirt by Morfs.

Made by designer and mom Julie Barger, the handmade shirt takes a more artistic approach to the classic blue guy, with a price tag to match; the appliqué is hand cut, and the layered look comes from sleeves made out of socks that look like…well, to me, chocolate chips. Right? I haven’t seen it in person but it looks pretty darn awesome to me.

Or as the blue guy himself would say, Nom nom nom. –Liz

Find the Cookie Monster shirt from Morfs and more designer kids clothes at the web shop, Lil’ Swanky
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