Late July Mini Sandwich CookiesI kinda love everything about Late July organic snacks. I love that they’re organic and free of HFCS and all that other garbage. I love that they’re charitably-minded. I love that the company is run by a mom who even sneaks pictures of her kids into all the labels. So not surprisingly, I love their new Mini Sandwich Cookies too.

Yes, of course they’re delicious. I mean hello, Oreo-style white chocolate and milk chocolate cookies? What’s not to like? But on top of it, each cookie is stamped with one of seven endangered animals, and 10% of the profits go to the Jane Goodall Institute which really walks the walk about protecting animals around the world. Because these cookies are organic they’re pricey, but at least you can feel like you’re getting more for your money than just calories.

It’s also good to know that the cookies are teeny. Like, really teeny. So I can give my kid three whole cookies and she thinks I’m the greatest mom in the world. –Liz

Find Late July organic cookies in bulk at their online shop, coming soon to our affiliate amazon, or in stores all over the country.