Felt cushion wall hangings by Enna Design
Honestly, I think of felt and often I think “meh.” But I’ve just seen the light, because the light, apparently, comes in the form of felt cushion wall hangings featuring bunnies and Matryoshka dolls that would brighten up any nursery in the world.

If you aren’t slain by the cuteness of the Starry Night and Walking in the Rain cushions offered by Enna Design Shop on Etsy and all the remarkable attention to detail, definitely check out her assortment of plushies, too. If none of those speak to you, consider the possibility that you have no soul.

I’m not even particularly into cute and the entire shop has rendered me a boneless puddle of goo. She’s good. -Mir

Check out the wall hangings and other felted cuteness at Enna Design Shop.

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