Pixtorie Simple Book Scrapbook
Look, we’ve discussed my SIS (Scrapbook Impairment Syndrome) in the past. I’m okay with it. There are tools available for me to do pretty things with my pictures in other ways.

But if I want a genuine photos-affixed-to-beautiful-backgrounds, scrapbook binder full of hand-designed pages, now I can get it. Pixtorie lets you upload your photos and then choose from various layouts from designers like Oh Joy! to assemble the perfect “simplebook,” the smaller, more affordable version of their designer scrapbooks. Right now colors and fonts on the various pages are fixed, but I’m told greater flexibility is coming down the pike.

The colors are vibrant and the designs are gorgeous, and (perhaps best of all) the finished result looks is just spectacular. Like I made it by hand all by myself, if I was actually crafty and stuff. I won’t tell my mother-in-law if you don’t. -Mir

Start designing your own scrapbooks and simplebooks at Pixtorie.

Congratulations to Rachel S., lucky winner of a custom book from Pixtorie!

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