viola studio heirloom doll
Cool Mom Picks readers know I have a serious soft spot for handmade dolls, which goes way back to the days that my mom taught me how to stuff an old stocking with batting and stitch the face to make a nose. But the incredible handmade dolls from Viola Studio? Well wow, she puts our amateur craftsmanship to shame.

We’ve previously raved about Viola Hale’s adorable stuffed creatures. And now she’s offering simply spectacular studio heirloom dolls, meticulously handcrafted out of repurposed materials with so much attention to detail, I wonder honestly how she can make a living at it; It must take her days to make each sweet little boy or girl doll, with all those beautiful clothes and matching accessories that all can be removed and put back on. It also comes with a beautiful little pedigree tag you can fill in, in a handmade wool sleeve.

If you want to make it a really special gift, you can even get your daughter her own coordinated handmade poncho to match. Take that, American Girls. And the packaging? Even the bags come with felted handles,
while the gift card is a little piece of art in itself, emblazoned with
a felt representation of the doll.

Viola Studio soft playset
If you’re not in the market for something that special right now there are plenty of affordable choices at the shop. I also adore the soft playset for kids which is a dream gift for those of you who adore and appreciate the craftsmanship of soft, safe handmade toys and decor in lieu of all the plastic out there.

This is a site to bookmark when you need a gift that kids love as much as their parents do. You can’t generally say that about toys that talk. -Liz

Purchase one of the gorgeous handmade dolls from Viola Studio and get the matching poncho for 50% off – convo the seller at purchase and mention you saw it on Cool Mom Picks. Plus US ground shipping is free, but you can still rush it in time for Christmas!

Congratulations to Carrie R., extra lucky winner of the Viola Studios Heirloom doll and girl’s poncho, and Myl?ne C, lucky winner of the Winky doll!

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