Disney Give a Day program: family volunteering
I’m dusting off my tiara and heading to the Big Mouse’s House this year for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Whoo! But the prerequisite for my family tagging along is that we all have to participate in their new Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program in order for us (well, the adults, in our case) to earn our tickets.

This is a super simple and worthwhile volunteer program, even beyond the free pass. Just pre-register up to eight family members over age 6, then search for a local charity on their site, pick a date and time and head out and do some good. When you’re done, each of you will get a one-day, one theme park pass. Kids under 6 can’t earn a ticket, but they can still tag along for the experience. Awesome.

I’m not sure what gets me more excited – the prospect of all these local charities getting a slew of extra helping hands this year from Disney fans, or how really awesome it will be to reward my daughter with a dream trip to the castle she’s only ever seen on TV. -Kristen

Learn more about the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program at the Disney.com website.

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