pecan pals plush dolls from NoferinWe love wooden toys, but let’s face it, there’s often more room in our kids’ hearts (and hands) for those that are cuddly, plush and less likely to leave a mark when you fall asleep on top of one. Evidently the eco-minded designers of Noferin agreed, and adapted their sustainably-made wooden toy collection called Pecanpals into a series of colorful Pecanpals Plush dolls.

I don’t know exactly how sustainable they are, but each one has a clever backstory on a little tag to get imaginations started. The characters include Periwinkle the Wildlife Rescuer (my daughter’s favorite), Jac Jac the scientist, and Fimble the Inventor who just happens to be in Valentines-ready red.

I’m also partial to the hot chocolate drinking, bow tie-wearing Pecan the Writer. Mostly because they finally got it right – writers all wear bow ties. It’s true. –Liz

Find more info about Pecanpals from the Noferin website or purchase at My Plastic Heart

[via Inhabitots]