Olivia Acts Out
We’re huge Olivia fans ’round these parts – the book is a well-worn favorite at bedtime, and the Olivia TV series is a special treat. So I was so happy to see a new book hit the shelves recently starring our favorite difficult swine – Olivia Acts Out.

This story is actually based on the teleplay from the series, but it doesn’t matter a bit. It’s a cute story about Olivia trying to make the most of her lame part in the school play, reminding us that there are no small parts in theater, only small pigs. With more advanced vocabulary and a more complex plot than, say, Olivia’s Opposites, I like that my girls can grow with their favorite pig.

Don’t expect Ian Falconer illustrations here – these are from comics artist Patrick Spaziante who does a beautiful job with the show. However for a nice little touch, the pages are all debossed, making kids want to touch every one. Score one for more bedtime cuddle moments. –Liz

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