If Valentine’s Day is coming closer and closer (and it is), and you still have no idea what to give your beloved, don’t fret. Instead take a look at what Ayako Akazawa, a senior designer at Chronicle Books, has put together for those of us with a soft spot for the mix tape.

Chronicle CD labels

These Valentine’s Day CD labels are for your own special mix of songs.

Using one of the styles in Chronicle’s Candy Orchard Packaging Kit, these Valentine’s Day labels are covered in little trees with wood you be mine printed on the side. There are also matching labels for the front of the CD case, making this gift look anything but last-minute.

free CD cover printable
All that’s left is picking out the songs that will best tell your sweetheart how you feel. I can’t help you there; and if you knew that Baby Got Back is one of “our” songs, maybe you’d rather not have my help anyway. -Christina

[via Kirtsy]