ShapeMaker geometric wooden blocks by Miller Goodman
I’m not very good at math, so I can’t tell you precisely how many different forms and figures your child can create out of 25 wooden blocks, but I’m going to say it’s approximately a gazillionthousand.

The ShapeMaker wooden block set by Miller Goodman is made of eco-friendly rubber wood and hand-printed with vibrant, non-toxic ink. So it’s no surprise that this cooler-than-your-average-blocks set is not just delighting kids, but style gurus as well. It was given a gold Practical Pre-School award in 2009 (whatever that means), and just a few weeks ago was named one of the top picks at the 2010 New York International Gift Fair.

The set comes with a booklet of possible designs, but I’m guessing that most kids will enjoy coming up with a gazillionthousand ideas all on their own.

Miller Goodman is based in the UK, so get your currency converter ready, according to my calculations a set will run you about $67, but you’d better check it yourself. I already told you that I suck at math.–Betsy

The ShapeMaker wooden block set is available at Miller Goodman.


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