Love Necklace in brass and sterling silverI have delicate, dainty necklaces and I have chunky, rustic necklaces, and sometimes I wish I had something that was more, I don’t know, both. (Why yes–I am that person who always gets twist when we go for soft serve. How did you guess?)

The love necklace by ripegoods hits that sweet spot right in the middle; the chain is brass, but made of almost lacy, tiny links. The round and rectangular brass pieces have a gorgeous natural patina and can be custom hand-stamped. (I went for my initial on one, my husband’s initial on the other.) And then it’s all topped off with a hammered sterling silver ring–just an unexpected touch that makes this necklace work just as well with a dress as with my jeans.

Skinny jeans. Not chunky, rustic jeans. -Mir

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