TOT YOGA exercise DVD
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom who has seen a marked decline in the amount of exercise I get since having children. Relaxing moments seem to have taken a steady dive, too. But suddenly, thanks to a wonderful new family exercise DVD called TOT YOGA, there’s a distinct possibility that both will be back in my life to stay.

This charming mom-made DVD is an instructive video aimed at toddlers ages 10 months to 3 years and their weary parents (that’s me!), and its goal is different from any other kid yoga DVD I’ve encountered.

First (and I love this concept), it’s to teach parents to help children wind down during playtime and prepare for a nap. Two sections in the DVD do this – one is completely loose, allowing the children to do whatever they want while the video offers suggestions in the background. The other is a little more directed, encouraging older children to attempt certain animal poses (but only if they feel like it).

The second purpose of the DVD is to give parents a chance to practice yoga on their own, taking us through a series of poses and breathing techniques that we can do once our children are soundly sleeping. You know, chilling out after all the yoga they just did. That, or maybe when they get to college.

So the first two parts are like a cool-down for your toddler and a warm-up for you. All rolled into one. And the third part is all about you. Cool, huh?

Don’t expect Hollywood-style backdrops or actors, here. These are real people doing real yoga. And that’s what I love about it. The kids get distracted, the adults aren’t all impossibly bendy, and the instructor is calm and adaptable. It’s real. Which makes it much more approachable, somehow.

So now I really have no excuse. Time to stop wearing yoga pants just because everything else is in the laundry and start wearing them for what they were intended. –Stephanie

Find the TOT YOGA family exercise DVD at TOT YOGA’s website.

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