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So my girls have grown to like princesses just as everyone promised me they would. It’s their genetic imperative and I am powerless to resist it. Uncle, uncle! I give in!

Even so, I’m always looking out for imagination-building princess toys that don’t come ready made with a backstory involving a prince with the personality of a dishrag and a jealous mother-in-law who wants to have you murdered because you’re beautiful. That’s why the Storybuilding Playsets from Sprig Toys are such a treat.

62 printed cardboard panels, plus story blocks and character blocks featuring coaches and valiant knights can be assembled to make the magical palace of her dreams. There’s also a Waldorf-esque pink “princess” made of eco-friendly recycled Sprigwood (a wood and recycled plastic blend) that rules the castle grounds. All for under $30.

Sprig Toys makes a barnyard play set too, as well as a Three Little Pigs and a Red Riding Hood set, if princesses aren’t your thing. That is, eco-conscious, self-actualized, prince-rescuing princesses. Oh yeah. –Liz

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