Melamine Plates from Rice dk
Rice dk is a cool Danish company specializing in utterly chic and socially-conscious homewares. I like to think of them as the cooler, slightly under-the-radar version of Ikea. Like the hip older cousin I had growing up who wore a motorcycle jacket with a kilt.

Although they’re known for their utterly adorable melamine tableware, such as this gorgeous melamine chicken tray, everything they make — including a few fun things for kids — is 100% droolworthy. I mean, where else can you find a soft electric guitar for burgeoning Danish rocker children plunked down next to a sassy birdhouse egg timer?

The pictures alone are so juicy that I’m starting to feel parched, and it’s not just because Summer started early in Georgia.

Birdhouse Egg timer
You won’t smile just because the cute melamine spoon is so fun for slurping soup. You’ll also get a kick out of knowing that Rice dk has SA8000 status in Denmark, which means their products are manufactured with respect and social responsibility– in third world countries, actually. Workers in Madagascar even receive a bag of rice as part of their salary package. In case you need a little more justification to go shopping. ~Delilah

Purchase Rice dk products and a lot of other awesome Scandinavian brands online at huset

[via oh joy!]

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