Custom handmade heart from Paper Cut WorksI think I’m in love. The object of my affection: The selection of decorative artwork embellished with handcut paper hearts from the brand new Etsy shop Paper Cut Works.

Ania Alyson, Seattle artist by way of Poland, creates artsy, anatomically-inspired hearts out of repurposed materials from an old dictionary page featuring the word “mother” to a custom map or vintage sheet music. She then mounts the paper hearts on either card stock, or small 4×4″ birch block frames which are finished to look like paintings. In the end, you get all the sweetness, but none of the sap.

The prices are great and you can still get them in time for Mother’s Day. What a cool gift, especially if the one you pick has some special meaning. Quick, Park Slope moms, someone snag that I Love Brooklyn wooden block, stat. –Liz

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