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Imagine a land where the world’s hippest Indie designers line up
at your door to throw sketches at you for… whatever. Your daughter’s
birthday party, your best friend’s shower, your “I Finally Lost the Baby
Weight” champagne brunch. Okay, now imagine you don’t have to stand
there in your pajamas and awkwardly offer them coffee as you sort
through the portfolios. You just browse a website. This land is called

For those of you already familiar with the free e-cards of pingg, you might agree that it’s the super cool lovechild of Hallmark and Etsy– with a dash of Threadless. Oodles of artisan-designed print cards and e-cards are available, even more now than when we first discovered them two years ago. They’re all searchable by keyword and completely customizable, down to font and color.

What’s especially cool about pingg now is that you’re not limited to what you
see. In addition to the millions of designs uploaded by international
artists, you can even upload your own. And we know we have artists in the Cool Mom Picks community! Just sign up to become part of their
Designer Series, and you’ll get your own page, exposure, promotion, and
feedback for your work.

If you’re a party-planner, not an artist, no worries. The designers already on the roster offer a
unique and phenomenal array of illustrations that turn e-cards from blah
to hurrah. Survey says? PINGG! ~Delilah

Find incredible free ecards
online at pingg and for an extra $10, join pingg plus for extra features, including a search of over four million designs in the pingg vault and 10% off every print order.

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