If bobblehead dolls have taught us anything, it’s that adults can now play with toys in public. Hence my complete lack of shame in adoring the simple yet amazing hand-painted peg dolls from mooshoopork on Etsy. Especially the sassy pirates. And girl pirates too!

Sure, your kids would love to have a charming trio of ninjas or rainbow girls. But I suspect the mother-daughter peg dolls, the Victorian couple, and the nesting circus clowns are subtly aimed at grown-ups who never got over the cuteness of tiny things. Sure, they’re all hand-painted and varnished with water-based, non-toxic materials and therefore totally safe for kids over 3, but… um… wouldn’t Cecil and Agnes be safer on Mommy’s windowsill? You don’t want to lose your nice peg dolls, do you, honey?

The prices are a little steep at 3 dolls for $25, but you have to pay a premium for hand-painted cuteness. The artist also does custom work, so if you know someone looking for a personalized wedding cake topper or a complete familial self-portrait in wood– she’s got you pegged.~Delilah

Find the handmade peg dolls and other one-of-a-kind goodies from the mooshoopork Etsy shop.

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