sex and the city 2
The premiere of Sex and the City 2 hits tonight, and the women I’ve talked to seem to be divided into two groups: Those who care, and those who won’t admit they care — just a little bit.

I admit it! I care! I want to gawk at Aiden, and marvel at everyone’s perfect triceps, and learn why the heck they’re riding camels in $16,000 outfits.

For those of you who are interested in the always fabulous Patricia Field styling above all, check out the Sex and the City Closet on the movie’s website. This interactive app lets you check out select pieces from the characters’ wardrobes, from Charlotte’s Brian Atwood snakeskin heels to Carrie’s awesome white mini dress from Halston that I could probably wear when hell freezes over. Then gets warm again. You know, so my legs wouldn’t be cold.

The best part of it though is the “steal it” style links, that allow you to purchase similar styles that mere mortals can stomach, from shops like Nordstrom and Forever 21. You can even upload and share your own links should you come across the perfect knock-off of Miranda’s Tom Ford shades. Maybe at the playground? –Liz

Sex and the City 2: Will it be worth the babysitting dough? What do you think?


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