Up until now, I thought of kids’ slippers as a blah winter afterthought or last minute stocking stuffer. But once I saw my own little fairy stomping around the house in these Pixie Slippers from Organic Echo, I realized that they’re not just foot warmers. They can be part of the magical dress-up extravaganza that goes on all day, every day in my house: They’re pixie slippers. No, they’re Jasmine’s slippers from Aladdin. No, they’re a tiny rabbit’s car. No, they’re rhinoceros boots, whatever that means.

Each pair is hand-made and hand-stitched from old sweaters, and you can even contact Organic Echo to use a favorite old sweater from around the house or to personalize details. Our pair has a special sizing elastic on back to accommodate sprites of various sizes.

As they’re handmade, you do have to take good care of them. The special grippy paw-print stickers on the bottom will fall off after heavy use, and the threads can look pretty fuzzy after an accidental (and unrecommended) wash and dry. But the quaint personality is totally worth it, especially when your kid sneaks downstairs in pink pixie shoes with glittery wings sprouting out of her back and informs you that she’s willing to grant you three wishes.~Delilah

Pixie Slippers can be purchased from the magical elves at Organic Echo and are available for newborns through 24 months, although our pair was specially made for larger, three-year-old sized pixies. Shipping is free over $75.

Congratulations to Katey C, lucky winner of a pair of Pixie Slippers!

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