Way Basics eco-friendly storage cubes
I usually leave the furniture assembly to my husband; not  because I don’t know my way around a tool box, but because I figure I did all that kid-having so it’s only fair that he do all the direction-following and screwing together of 400 parts.

But since he travels a lot for work and I don’t have any patience for the screwing together of the 400 parts, I’m so happy to have discovered the life-changing Way Basics eco-friendly storage cubes. Sustainably made from recycled paper, these very sturdy storage containers require absolutely no tools for construction.

Simply stick them together (seriously!) and stack them, line them up side-by-side, heck, make a pyramid if you’ve got a King Tut nursery theme going.

Putting together three cubes, if you really want to call it that, took me all of 10 minutes, mostly because my kids kept trying to “help.” And while I will say it does take a wee bit of concentration to make sure they’re lined up perfectly before you stick them together, the end result is fantastic.

The really fantastic part: They’re just $20 each.

But considering they look amazing, work like a charm, and don’t smell like a chemical spill, I’d probably pay double. Shhhh, don’t tell them. -Kristen

Check out the wide selection of Way Basics storage products at Franklin Goose.


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