Polarn O. Pyret rain gear for kids
As my poor waterlogged friends in the Pacific Northwest know all too well, June can be a wet one. It’s as if Mother Nature doesn’t give a hoot that we have bored little faces staring up at us waiting for summer to begin.

I think it’s better to wrap the kids up in a raincoat and throw them outside to puddle jump, but good luck finding any gear in the stores right now. Instead, turn to some of our favorite online shops who seem to know that rain happens, sometimes much more often than we’d like.

Catamini Rain Coat
The new limited-edition line of rain gear for kids at Polarn O. Pyret features this adorable car pattern (above) on cool green or bright poppy.

I love how the brightness of Catamini’s Spirit Floral raincoat (right) will liven up a dreary rain day. Plus, my girlie girls totally approve of the flowery look, even while they are busy building mud pies. And it’s now on sale at Oliebollen, too.


Pluie Pluie Rain Coat
The aptly-named Pluie Pluie Striped Rain Coat is designed to be knee length, meaning I may get more than one season out of it on my growing-like-weeds kids. Pair it with the matching umbrella for extra cuteness, provided your kids don’t immediately turn it upside down to see how much rain it will collect. Or is that only my kid?

You’ll find it at Anna Bean. And you’ll find us braving all forms of bad weather this summer, and still looking cute doing it. –Christina

Edited to add: Two of the styles are no longer available, but the others are!


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