Canvas Houndstooth Bag
I reluctantly retired my favorite brown leather handbag for the summer and decided to give canvas a try. And let’s just say, I’m going to have a hard time going back once it starts to get cold again.

Indeed this adorable houndstooth
bag from Quote
still features a bit of leather in the straps and drawstring. But it takes the idea of a canvas bag–which I admit I almost always
associate with a more casual, plain beachy tote–to a whole new level.

This extremely well-crafted handmade bag features a bright yellow lined interior
with a zipper pocket and a couple of pouches. It’s super deep but not
very wide, so I don’t actually find myself digging around as much as I do in my other bags for my keys, phone, and other magically
disappearing essentials.

And tis the season to have fun with patterns, mamas, hence my
infatuation with the versatile houndstooth (pictured). But if that’s
not your thing, the playful red candy striped bag is just as cute. Just make sure to snag one fast because when these limited edition bags sell out, they’ll be gone for good. -Kristen

Check out the unique handmade canvas handbags at Quote Bag Studio.

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