Let’s face it: no one’s ever going to say, “Whoopee, a cello bag of Jordan almonds!” It’s just not in our DNA. And yet we feel the primal call to give cutesy favors out at at baby showers.

( I once painted twelve identical paintings in one night because I wanted my dear friend to feel super-showered, and I couldn’t think of anything fabulous enough.)

The good news is that when you disguise your favors as delicious
slices of chocolate cake or wedges of cheese, no one’s going to care
what’s inside of them. These paper
by imeondesign on Etsy are proof that it’s all in the
packaging–and that showers are all about the cake. (Sorry showerees). Everyone takes a slice, no cutting or
calories required. And if you get the strawberry cheesecake slices, you
can even slip some strategically colored jelly beans or M&Ms in the

What to put inside? Hershey’s Kisses, iced sugar
cookies, tiny handmade soaps, perfume vials, votive candles. Even Jordan
almonds. Trust me– it’s the cake they’ll remember. It always is.~Delilah

Find baby shower favor boxes by the slice or by the cake at imeondesign on
Etsy. And for more cool baby shower ideas, check our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide.


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