Kid-sized 3D movie glasses
You’d think it would stand to reason that companies would understand that most of the movie-goers to animated 3D movies are, you know, kids. And yet, until last month, any cinema showing a RealD 3D movie offered just one (ginormous) size of 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure.

But now it’s kind of cool that you can hit the movies and leave
the cries of Mommy, they’re too big, they keep falling! behind;
RealD now offers kid-sized specs for the little ones. They come in the
same sanitary single-pair wrapping as their adult-sized counterparts,
but are sized to be much more comfy for little faces.

We were able to get them a couple of weeks ago when we saw Toy Story 3,
and let me tell you, there was much rejoicing. Also much less
complaining. -Mir

Look for the new RealD kid-size glasses at Despicable
Me, Toy Story 3, and other RealD films near you.

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