snoopy sno cone makerLike all children of the 70’s, I have fond memories of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and that Evil Knievel motorcycle that never ever jumped the ramp like it did on the commercial. I also pine for my old Snoopy Sno-Cone maker, which  pretty much guaranteed that any hot day could become a block party with all the neighborhood kids.

As it turns out, that very Snoopy
Sno Cone machine
is still alive, kicking, and less than $20 at Back
to Basics Toys
— a store all of us nostalgic for our old playthings
should bookmark.

[edited to add :they’re now available at our affiliate for $23.99]

There’s something refreshing about the fact that same old hand crank
that shaves the ice cubes hasn’t been replaced with anything more
high-tech. I just wish it came with more of those little paper cups; why
do kids love those so much anyway?

The package comes with one packet of grape Fla-vor-aid, but you’ll be
glad when it runs out. Add your own lemonade or fruit juice, or do as my
dad used to do and add raspberry syrup. Yum. –Liz

Find the Snoopy

Sno Cone maker at Amazon