Little Librarian
It was a red-letter day in our household when each child was old enough to get his or her own library card. They love picking out books, handing their card over to the librarian and then skipping out with their new reads. What they don’t love is listening to me hound them to find those books under their covers, inside the couch cushions or off the floor of the car when it’s book-return time. 

But, now they’ve got a cool new kit that let’s them play library whenever they want, and it’s missing just the thing that bugs them the most about their real library privileges: Being Quiet.
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The Little Librarian kit lets my kids turn their stack of favorite books into their own mini-library, complete with library cards, book pockets and even overdue slips for those forgetful borrowers. All the material is made of paper or cardstock, so don’t expect the items to last years, but my school-age kids didn’t seem to mind one bit. 

This mother/daughter-created product is super cute and would make a great birthday gift for kids who love to read—I’d include a few new books to make it extra special. I’d love to see some of the individual items, like book pockets and overdue slips, available for refill purchase since it’d help extend the life of the kit, and I know my three kids would love to bring even more books into “their” library.

Ever the stickler, my oldest likes to remind her younger siblings of things like “due dates” and “proper book care.” And while turning my living room into their library won’t earn me any clean house awards, it’s hard to be upset when they are playing with books.

Besides, this one little kit has kept them occupied for a lot longer than a trip to the real library. –Christina 

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Congratulations to Sara, lucky winner of the Little Librarian kit!

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