Ecowooden Play Fishing Set
Maybe toddlers shouldn’t fish. 

I remember thinking this as I watched my 3-year-old niece clutch a big fishing pole while my husband tried to keep her from falling into the deep dark water or skewer him with the sharp fishing hook that was waving wildly in the air. 
I think next time we’ll amuse her with something a little more toddler-friendly that will still let her reel in her own catch.  

Soopsori’s Ecowooden Play Fishing Set should keep her happily occupied while the big kids try to catch something that isn’t a weed. Plus, she can pick up any one of eight adorable sea creatures—even a tiny whale!—since the magnet embedded in the wood is attracted to the end of the fishing line. Not that we want her out in the lake trying to catch whales.

With up to twenty different types of wood used in this fishing set, I love that each piece has its own special texture, and since they are finished only with natural linseed oil, the smell of the wood still comes through. 
A nice smell, no hooks, no worms and a sure catch within a few seconds: If only real fishing were as pleasant. -Christina


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