When we moved to Georgia, I tried to pad the transition with various books about what a great place it was and the interesting things that have happened here. My efforts were met with a resounding “meh” from my children. Hmph.

Of course, the brand new Cool
Stuff Every Kid Should Know
city guides from Arcadia Kids
weren’t around, back then, otherwise I could have gotten them the
Atlanta book and totally won them over.
Even though we live here, now, both kids pronounced this little book
“totally cool,” and why not? It’s chock-full of not just landmarks and
suggestions on things to do, but also kid-friendly city trivia,
intriguing photography, and even the wry acknowledgment of the city’s
50+ streets all named Peachtree.

Right now there’s eight city
guides packed with goodies including Charleston, Cincinnati, Houston and
that hotbed of tourism, Buffalo, New York. Pick one up before a trip,
or grab your own hometown as part of a “what can we learn around here”
adventure. I promise you won’t be disappointed. -Mir

Check out
all the Cool Stuff guides
at Arcadia Publishing or buy them through our affiliate, Amazon.

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