I’ve learned over the years it’s nearly impossible to register for everything that you will need for your new baby. In fact, I’ve got a huge list of items that I wish I had thought of asking for or even just ordering for myself. And up high on that list would be personalized name labels.

Emily Press Welcome Baby Pack personalized labels

Now I realize that personalized baby labels might not be the most showy of all baby shower gifts, but the folks at Emily Press have created a slew of stylish labels that would be a lovely surprise for a new mom or a thoughtful addition to a layette.

The Welcome Baby Pack will save workings mom like I was, the pain of having to write my little one’s name on all her belongings for the caregiver or for daycare. The girl designs, like my fave the Parisian Belle (pictured) are great, but moms of boys fear not – they’ve got some stylish ones for you too. Love the argyle!

Just make sure to wait until after the baby arrives before you order. If there’s anything I’ve learned about pregnant mamas it’s that they change their minds. A lot. -Kristen

Check out the Welcome Baby Pack along with the other personalized name labels for kids at Emily Press.

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