Fairy house by Mike and Debbie SchramerWhen I first saw pictures of the amazing, whimsical and unbelievably detailed fairy tale houses and furniture by Mike and Debbie Schramer I simply marveled. This brilliant husband and wife team use real flowers, branches, roots, and moss, to create these breathtaking fairy furniture masterpieces.
You have to click over to appreciate the detail.

But they’re not just meant to be looked at, they’re meant to be
enjoyed. Why buy pink plastic doll furniture when you can have a hand
crafted tea party set? Add little forest people and animals and your
child’s imagination is sure to run rampant.

If you can’t spare $15,000 for a meticulously designed Fairy House,
there are plenty of items for as little as $25, with more elaborate
pieces ranging from $100-$250. Bear in mind every item is a hand-made
work of art as much as a wonderful departure from mass produced
store-bought items. Talk about a dream house.–Betsy

Check out the whole collection of fairy houses, furniture and figurines at the sunflowerhouse etsy shop.